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A Joycean Timeline


The Life of James Joyce

1882 Joyce is born in Rathgar, Dublin on February 2nd
1888 Begins school at Clongowes Wood College
1893 Goes to Belvedere College
1899 Begins college at University College, Dublin
1900 Publishes ‘Ibsen’s New Drama’
1901 ‘The Day of the Rabblement’ is published
1902 Joyce makes his first trip to Paris
1903 Joyce’s mother, Mary Jane Joyce, dies
1904 Elopes with Nora; begins sketching A Portrait
1905 Giorgio, James and Nora’s son, is born; they move to Trieste
1906 Live briefly in Rome; Most likely date of writing of Stephen Hero
1907 Lucia, James and Nora’s daughter, is born; they move back to Trieste; Chamber Music is published
1911 Gives lectures on Shakespeare in Trieste
1914 Dubliners published; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is serialized in The Egoist
1915 The Joyces move to Zürich; work on Ulysses resumes; Exiles is written
1916 A Portrait is published in the United States
1917 A Portrait is published in Britain
1918 The serialization of Ulysses in The Little Review begins
1920 The Joyce’s move to Paris and the serialization of Ulysses stops
1922 Ulysses is published in Paris
1924 The first section of Work in Progress is published in Transatlantic Review I
1927 Pomes Penyeach is published
1939 Finnegans Wake is published
1941 Joyce dies in Zürich at the age of 58