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2018 International James Joyce Symposium: The Art of James Joyce
University of Antwerp, 11-16 June 2018

In his earliest prose writings, James Joyce described himself as an artist. His brother Stanislaus’s diary and Richard Ellmann’s 1959 biography reinforced this image of Joyce as the lone and dedicated creator who was prepared to give up everything for his art. We interpret the title of this conference as both an objective and a subjective genitive – from Joyce’s aesthetic or artistry to pictures of Cork in cork frames – and as a reminder of Joyce’s long afterlife in the creative arts. We want to explore the role of art as a socially constructed commodity in Joyce’s work as well as trace his fortunes in the fine art and rare book marketplace; we invite studies of the ways in which Joyce crafted his oeuvre, in the wake of The Art of James Joyce, A. Walton Litz’s pioneering study of the creation of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake; and we are also interested in contributions that, creatively or critically, address the impact of Joyce’s artistic persona and work on other artists, in various forms and different mediums.

2019 North American James Joyce Symposium:
Mexico City, Mexico, June 2019

Past Conferences

North American James Joyce Symposium
University of Toronto, 21-25 June 2017