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Membership in the Foundation enables one to keep close touch with current international Joyce scholarship and activities and to subscribe to various Joyce-related periodicals at discounted rates. Memberships begin the month requested, are available for one- or two-year intervals, and always expire on June 30th of that year. Fully paid Foundation members are eligible for discounted subscriptions to the following publications:

James Joyce Quarterly:
Published quarterly, the James Joyce Quarterly encourages many forms of historical, biographical, and archival research. Each issue contains essays, notes, reviews, letters, a checklist of recent Joyce-related publications, and the editor’s “Raising the Wind.” For more information please visit the University of Tulsa Web site.

James Joyce Literary Supplement 
Published twice a year, the James Joyce Literary Supplement contains reviews and notes from the world’s leading scholars on recent developments in Joyce studies, Modernism, and Irish studies. For more information please visit their Web site.

James Joyce Broadsheet
An international specialist review that publishes reviews, articles, and news items in a glossy newspaper format. For more information please visit the University of Leeds Web site.

Dublin James Joyce Journal
Published annually by the University College Dublin James Joyce Research Centre, in association with the National Library of Ireland. Please write to the DJJJ at

Joyce Studies Annual
Published annually at Fordham University. Please refer to their Web site.