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The Antwerp James Joyce Center 

The Ulysses Telegraph Poster
(requires Adobe Acrobat reader or plugin for Netscape).

The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center

The James Joyce Centre Dublin

Bloom by Sean Walsh.

A Gallery of Bloomsday Cards
features postal cards which are created and sent in a limited addition each year by T. E. Kennelly.

Onno Kosters’ site

International Association for the Study of Irish Literature

the official web page of the Spanish James Joyce Society.

National Library of Ireland

The James Joyce Checklist


The International James Joyce Foundation 
The University of Tulsa
800 S. Tucker Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74104
Fax: 614 292-7816
James Joyce Broadsheet 
The School of English
The University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Great Britain
011-44-532-431751 (x4765)
The James Joyce Centre
35 North Great Georges Street
James Joyce Foundation
PO Box 104
Kings Cross
New South Wales 2011
AustraliaPhone: (02) 332 3649 (Clara Mason) (Charles Cave)
James Joyce Literary Supplement
Department of English Box 248145
University of Miami
Coral Gables, Florida 33124
Phone: 305 284-3140

James Joyce Quarterly
University of Tulsa
600 South College Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189
Phone: 918 631-2501

The James Joyce Society

Joyce Studies Annual 
Fordham University
Rose Hill Campus
Bronx, New York 10458

Zürich James Joyce Foundation
Strauhof-Augustinergasse 9, CH-8001
Zürich, Switzerland


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