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Copyright, Fair Use and Permissions

The International James Joyce Foundation
Special Panel on Intellectual Property 
Paul K. Saint-Amour, Chair; Michael Groden, Carol Loeb Shloss, and Robert Spoo

These pages (updated as of April 2012) are intended to acquaint scholars, performers, and adaptors of James Joyce’s work with the principles of copyright protection and users’ rights, and to help them to productive interactions with the Estate of James Joyce in the event they choose to seek permissions to quote from, perform, or adapt Joyce’s work. They will also enable them to recognize when copyright permissions are not legally necessary.

While a diligent effort has been made to learn about the Estate’s permissions practices and criteria from informed and voluntary sources, it has not been possible to obtain information concerning all copyright-related interactions that individuals or entities may have had with the Estate over the past several decades. The page entitled “About the Estate” attempts to be descriptive of, but is in no way legally binding on, the Estate of James Joyce. These pages should be read as a set of general recommendations rather than as legal opinion or advice. The authors, the International James Joyce Foundation, its Board of Directors, the James Joyce Quarterly, and the University of Tulsa are not to be held legally responsible for actions undertaken by individuals, groups, companies, or institutions on the basis of the information or opinions contained in these pages. Because issues of international copyright law are notoriously complex and often unclear, we invite comments and corrections concerning the information offered here.

Note: details about copyright and fair use/fair dealing differ from country to country and cannot be generalized from one country to another. Be sure that you are reading the section of the guidelines for a topic that is appropriate to the country or countries relevant to you.