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Bibliography – Works by James Joyce

This bibliography has two separate lists. The first list is a bibliography of major publications by Joyce in the order of the date of publication. The second bibliography is an alphabetical listing of editions and collections of Joyce’s major texts. The second list includes the original date of publication and all major editions and revisions.

Major Works

Title and original date of publication in order of publication

“The Holy Office,” 1904-1905.
Chamber Music, 1907.
“Gas from a Burner,” 1912.
Dubliners, 1914.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 1916.
Exiles, 1918.
Ulysses, 1922.
Pomes Penyeach, 1927.
Collected Poems, 1936.
Finnegans Wake, 1939.
Stephen Hero, 1944.
Letters, Vol. 1, 1957; Letters, Vol, 2-3, 1966.
Critical Writings, 1959.
Giacomo Joyce, 1968.
Selected Letters, 1975.

Editions with Major Revisions

Chamber Music. London: Elkin Mathews, 1907.

Collected Poems. 1936. NY: Black Sun Press. NY: Viking, 1957.

Critical Writings. Ed. Ellsworth Mason and Richard Ellmann. NY: Viking, 1959.

Dubliners. 1914. London: Grant Richards. Rev. Ed. edited by Richard Ellmann and Robert Scholes NY: Viking, 1967. Critical Ed. edited by Robert Scholes and A. Walton Litz NY: Viking, 1969. Rev. ed. edited by Hans Walter Gabler et al. NY: Viking, 1993.

Exiles. 1918. London: Grant Richards. NY: Penguin, 1973.

Finnegans Wake. 1939. London: Faber and Faber. Corrected Ed. NY: Viking, 1959.

“Gas from a Burner.” 1912. Broadside. Written in Flushing, possibly printed (privately) in Trieste. Reprinted in The Portable James Joyce.

Giacomo Joyce. 1968. London: Faber and Faber.

“The Holy Office.” Late 1904-Early 1905. Broadside. Privately printed in Pola (then part of the Austo-Hungarian Empire) and possibly in Dublin as well. Reprinted in The Portable James Joyce.

The James Joyce Archive. General Editor Michael Groden et al. 63 vols. NY and London: Garland: 1977-1979.

Joycechoyce: The Poems in Verse and Prose of James Joyce. Ed. A. Norman Jeffaries and Brendan Kennelly. London: Kyle Cathie, 1992.

Letters. Vol. 1. Edited by Stuart Gilbert. NY: Viking, 1957. Corrected Ed. NY: Viking, 1966.

Letters. Vol. 2. Edited by Richard Ellmann. NY: Viking, 1966.

Letters. Vol. 3. Edited by Richard Ellmann. NY: Viking, 1966.

Pomes Penyeach. 1927. Paris: Shakespeare and Company.

The Portable James Joyce. 1947. NY: Viking. In England, The Essential James Joyce. London: Jonathan Cape, 1948.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 1916. NY: B. W. Huebsch. Rev. Ed. edited by Chester Anderson and Richard Ellmann NY: Viking, 1964. Critical Ed. edited by Anderson NY: Viking, 1968. Rev. Ed. edited by Hans Walter Gabler et al. NY: Vintage, 1993.

Selected Letters. Edited by Richard Ellmann. NY: Viking, 1975

Stephen Hero. 1944. London: Jonathan Cape and NY: New Directions, both edited by John J. Slocum and Herbert Cahoon. Rev. Ed. edited by Slocum and Cahoon NY: New Directions 1963.

Ulysses. 1922. Paris: Shakespeare and Company. Rev Ed. Hamburg: Odyssey Press (2 vol.), 1932. NY: Random House, 1934. London: John Lane/Bodley Head, 1936. NY: Vintage/Random, 1961. Critical and Synoptic edition edited by Hans Walter Gabler et al NY and London: Garland (3 vol.), 1984. Trade Edition edited by Hans Walter Gabler, et al. NY and London: Garland, Random House, Bodley Head and Penguin, 1986