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Scholarly Work on Joyce’s Copyrights and the Joyce Estate

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Judicial Opinions and Related Materials Involving the Joyce Estate

Sweeney v. Nat’l Univ. of Ireland Cork, Trading as Cork University Press, No. 10497P/2000 (Irish High Court, 9 October 2000). Litigation involving the planned inclusion of Joyce extracts in a Cork UP anthology, Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century: A Reader. Court grants injunction in favor of the Joyce Estate.

Sweeney v. Macmillan Publishers Ltd., Case No. CH 1997 S 3257, [2001] EWHC Ch B66 (Chancery, 22 November 2001). Litigation involving Danis Rose’s “Reader’s Edition” of Ulysses. Court grants injunction in favor of the Joyce Estate with respect to one of its copyright claims, but rejects the Estate’s “passing off” claim and finds that Rose’s use of lifetime-published material by Joyce is protected by the UK compulsory license for revived-copyright works.

Carol L. Shloss, Plaintiff, v. Sean Sweeney, et al., Defendants. No. C 06-03718 JW, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division. __F. Supp. 2d__, 2007 WL 2924056. 9 February 2007. 2007.  [Court denies the Joyce Estate’s Motion to Dismiss and most of its Motion to Strike, and discusses copyright misuse and other important issues]

Settlement Agreement, 2007. Non-confidential agreement of 16 March 2007 between the Estate of James Joyce and Carol Loeb Shloss related to her use of copyrighted materials omitted from her biography of Lucia Joyce.

Carol L. Shloss, Plaintiff, v. Sean Sweeney, et al., Defendants. No. C 06-03718 JW. United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division. __F. Supp. 2d__, 2007 WL 1574568. 30 May 2007. 2007. [Court deems Carol Loeb Shloss the “prevailing party” on the basis of the settlement and requires the Joyce Estate to pay Shloss’s reasonable attorneys’ fees]


The Joyce Estate in the Press

James Joyce Quarterly 22:2 (Winter 1985). Letter from Stephen James Joyce re: French productions of Exiles.

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James Joyce Quarterly 24:2 (Winter 1987). Letter from Stephen James Joyce re: JJ’s death mask.

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(1989-90) Kate Bush on “The Sensual World”: <>

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Turkish Daily News (August 5, 1997). Article on the Turkish translation of Ulysses.

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1999? Notice written and signed by Stephen James Joyce and Seán Sweeney re: “abuse” of death mask.

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