IJJF Membership Votes to Approve New Bylaws

The membership of the IJJF has voted to approve the recommended revisions to the organization’s bylaws, which go into effect immediately.  These amendments required and received approval by more than a two-thirds majority of all those voting. The new bylaws include the official change of address for the Foundation and some other minor corrections and elucidations as well as these more important issues:

  1. Under Article IV: in response to a #metoo statement adopted at the meeting of the Board in Antwerp, a section 2 has been added that details the responsibilities of all members, with a Harassment Prevention Policy attached.
  2. Under Article V, section 3: the President will no longer appoint the vice-president; the election will be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees who will choose a candidate among current and past Trustees.
  3. Under Article V, section 6: the duties of the executive secretary have been described more explicitly.
  4. Under Article VI, section 2: the Board as a whole will ratify nominations for new Trustees, “taking into account breadth of support, activity in the Foundation, and geographic and gender balance.” This means that we will no longer distinguish between North-American and non-North-American nominations.


The bylaws, furthermore, now explicitly reference the Foundation’s Harassment Prevention Policy, which was initially adopted at the 2018 symposium, subsequently revised at the advice of counsel, and now governs all official events sanctioned by the Foundation.  All members are expected to adhere to this policy and will be asked to review it regularly as part of their membership.