Election of New Trustees 2020 - James Joyce Foundation

Election of New Trustees 2020

Election of New Trustees 


There was an error with the first ballot of the election, in that six trustees were supposed to be elected, but only 3 selections were allowed per voter. Therefore we had to close that ballot, and re-launch the election to fix this error. If you have already voted in this election today, please vote again and select 6 of the names on the ballot. If you have not voted yet, please use the most recent e-mail from Election Runner in order to submit your ballot, as the first one will no longer open. We are sorry for this mistake. 


Every two years, the membership of the International James Joyce Foundation elects six new members to its board of trustees.  At the business meeting held on June 13 2020, the current board approved a slate of fifteen candidates.  In accordance with our revised bylaws, nominees are no longer divided into geographical categories.  The list of nominees includes: 


Scarlet Baron  

Bill Brockman 

Teresa Caneda  

Kim Devlin 

Daniel Ferrer  

Finn Fordham 

Luke Gibbons 

Mike Groden 

R-J Henkes 

Clare Hutton  

Colleen Jaurretche  

Maria Kager 

Ellen Carol Jones 

Christine O’Neill  

James Ramey 


On October 5, current members will receive a digital ballot.  The election will run for two weeks and close on October 19.  If you wish to join or renew your membership in order to participate in the vote, please visit this link.  If you are uncertain about your current status, please contact us via email at ijjf@utulsa.edu