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Omniscientific Joyce: Registration and the Schedule

The International James Joyce Foundation is pleased to post this announcement from the organizers of the upcoming International James Joyce Symposium, “Omniscientific Joyce”

Dear friends and colleagues,

Registration for Omniscientific Joyce is now live. Please complete this Google Form and answer the security question in order to sign up for the symposium. There is no registration fee but, in order to participate, you’ll need to have paid your membership dues to the International James Joyce Foundation for the 2020–2021 year. Full details are available on the Foundation website.

The symposium schedule is now also online. We’ve attached a PDF version here but, for the live schedule, please consult Google Docs. We have over 180 participants in two dozen countries spread across the globe. Participants will be joining from twelve different time zones in June – with our two poles seventeen hours apart. In order to make sure everyone, no matter where they’re located, can attend a few sessions each day, the conference day stretches from UTC 07:00–23:30. That’s more than a sixteen-hour working day. Please don’t try to go to everything.

For a snapshot of the entire conference, take a look at the first page of the PDF.

All times are given in Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. Ireland and the UK, for example, are currently at UTC +1; Trieste, Zurich, and Paris are at UTC +2. We have included the time difference for each participant in their panel. If we’ve placed you on the wrong side of the planet and inadvertently scheduled you for four in the morning, please let us know. The registration form asks you to specify your time zone – you can notify us of any mistakes that way.

The schedule is a combination of three-paper and four-paper panels and single-panel and two-panel parallel sessions. But everyone delivering a paper gets their full twenty minutes: those on four-paper panels should not feel obliged to deliver a shorter paper.

All sessions will take place over Zoom. As pre-recorded content becomes available to us, we will add YouTube links to the live schedule. (Participants should also plan to play their pre-recorded paper during their panel.) Links to the Zoom rooms will be embedded in the final programme, issued as a PDF to registered participants only. UMass Amherst has very kindly allowed us to use their institutional Zoom license to host the conference.

Best wishes,

John, Katherine, Laura, and Ronan.